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Discussion on: The rise of the non-coding Scrum Master

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Andre Rubin • Edited

Agile is an idea that originated for software development but can be easily adapted to other types of teams. If you take the Agile Manifesto and its principles, only a few reference anything related to software. Any team, be it a software, marketing, or finance team, could benefit from focusing on individuals and interactions over processes and tools; on customer collaboration over contract negotiation; etc.

One of the functions of the Scrum Master is to be a change agent for the organization to adapt to a different way of software teams do their work. After your software department matures in agility, other departments become impediments (I'm looking at you, finance department, and your budget-requesting process). The SM role includes helping other teams to also be agile. After that, the whole organization can become agile.

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Olayemi Jagun

So you agree that any work environment that is not "focusing on individuals and interactions over processes and tools" is not practicing Agile Scrum, but another form of Project Management or something else entirely