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Discussion on: Search Stack Overflow, docs, and code on GitHub from a single app

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a couple of points:
the default button combo's match alot of jetbrains products, datagrip, intellij, phpstorm.

when you sign in using a link you cant press enter to continue to the searchbar.

im missing some major Git players, gitlab, bitbucket. ability to connect to AWS or Azure, google cloud.

for documentation, im missing Java, spring boot, PHP, laravel, symfony.

it would be nice to add them yourself, even if your just importing the entire page.

Besides this, i absolutly LOVE this ♥️ , the idea of not having to leave my editor and search in the places i want to search is brilliant. im massively impressed :)

keep us up to date :)

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Vaclav Mlejnsky Author • Edited

Thank you for great feedback! :)

We are working on a way to add many more docsets soon. More services integration will come later.
Eventually, you'll be able to set up your own shortcuts.

Thank you for using Devbook!

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thank you for building an unmissable tool.

from all the tooling i have tried, this feels the most natural, i am a great fan of doing everything with the keyboard.

would be nice if the user could set their own 'tabs' to search in; for example:

CMD+1 = java, CMD+2 = SO, CMD+3 = Git

ps. even though i miss the documentation i use, the SO fills my needs perfectly to avoid going online for a solution.

really an amazing product (yes in my opinion its not a tool anymore)