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Discussion on: 4 Problems with Slack that can ruin remote work‍

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

At least it’s better than @channel...

There are legitimate use-cases for @here though depending on how your company actually uses Slack. Where I work, most people take a batched-polling approach to checking Slack messages (that is, look every now and then, but don’t interrupt your work just for new messages) until they get either a DM or are tagged by a mention. Sometimes it’s still important to make sure everybody online sees a message now (for example, when announcing a code freeze in preparation for a release, or when documenting a known issue with your CI that means certain tests must be ignored temporarily), and @here is the only practical option for doing that...

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We have people that do @here I'm on the 10th floor, where is the copy machine? to the company wide #all channel of 22,000 people.