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Discussion on: A compiler is She/Her? 🤔

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

Grammatically, the compiler is usually masculine in most Indo-European languages, and therefore typically gets referred to with a masculine pronoun. The pronoun in this case though is probably referring to the cousin.

That said, the tweet in question brings up one of the issues I have with a lot of compilers and language run-times, they spit out error messages as if they're gospel, but quite often they're just plain wrong. The most blatant example is how missing a parenthesis or adding an extra one can result in an error message that has nothing to do with parenthesis showing up dozens of lines away in the code.

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Ghost • Edited

Not to preach about Rust but have you seen their compiler messages? they are glorious!, it even gives you multiple suggestions on how to fix the problem and you can even ask it for an explaination of the problem with examples, a full explanation like what you would expect from a tutorial or book. So far always points exactly the right problem. I must say, the compiler is very slow tho (altough getting faster with each new version). But the compiler and the linter is very smart, even giving you suggestion on how to make the code more efficient not only warning about unused variables and that superficial level, it even gives you suggestions on how to take advantage of lazyness of some operation.