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Almost everything, all at once.

My current job is running IT (literally all of it except for a couple of special situations that are managed by specific other people, like the inventory database server being handled by the accounting manager).

In addition to some software development work (both for production systems we ship out, and internal stuff), this includes, among other things:

  • Regular systems administration.
  • Systems engineering (designing and building software and hardware stacks for internal use, mostly servers).
  • Network operations (albeit really simple compared to normal netops since we have a rather simple internal network by most standards).
  • Internal tech support.
  • Highly specialized external tech support (the systems we build and ship out run Linux, and I'm the Linux expert where I work, so most stuff that isn't our software gets punted to me to figure out).
  • Managing backups and data archives, and data retention for all of our servers, production data, and most user systems.
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