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NodeJS vs ASP.NET (core)

ahmedabdelhak profile image Ahmed Abdelhak ・1 min read

Hello everyone,

first of all, i wish all of you a happy holiday :)

Some people claim that NodeJS is worth to learn, while others say that,

.Net Core with web assembly will end the era of Javascript !

What do you think of the future for the dominant open source Tech ?


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Happy New Year, Ahmed.

Node.js has incredible performance for I/O apps and I think that it's easier to start with if you are a front-end dev (with experience using JS, of course).

Nonetheless, .NET Core is a better option if you want to set up a web API.

I would make an app in React (PWA) with a light back-end in Node.js just for parsing responses from an ASP.NET Core Web API.

Maybe, .NET Core will end the reign of Java in the "back-end world", but JavaScript is part of the web standard.


Thanks a lot Manuel for participating in this discussion :)

I really appreciate your comment and recommendations :)

But, what do you think of building a completed API with GraphQL using NodeJS , would it be better than using ,NET core, instead ?


If it's consuming static data from DB, Node.js + GraphQL indeed would be better than .NET Core + GraphQL (on paper).

But, what about non-static data GraphQL API? Maybe you can manage some data processing directly from the DB but I truly don't know if this is a good practice for everything I don't think it's possible to handle everything on it.

In fact, I'm working on a project where back-end would be a .NET Core + GraphQL API and front-end would be a React app with a simple Node.js server (express) for the requests.

I think it would be fun to build both options to compare performance but I need to figure out what tasks I would code to make back-end work hard processing data.

Great :)

I wish you all the best with your current project :) and of course waiting your nice Feedback!

Thanks a lot Manuel :)


Could you please share with us a link about how to build Node.js for parsing responses from ASP.Net core web api and what is the benefit from using this technique :) .



Find Dot Nevers Core in this list !!!



In fact, dotnet core is #41 called aspcore in this list while nodejs is #71 which is respectable.


not to mention that is node without a framework - express is #134


MS loves to invent many tech names.
If it's me, I'd like to choose Node.(sorry, not know .net core)

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"Maybe, .NET Core will end the reign of Java in the "back-end world"



Are you a comedian clown?

Compare DOT NOT with Java Big Data Master ????