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Hi Jim, everyone starts somewhere. I mean everyone. When I graduated in 2015, I had almost no software development skills. I knew java and javascript, from classes I took, but that was it. I knew nothing beyond the classroom. Also, I was not one of those students who programmed on the side, I wanted to, but never did. I looked for jobs and got rejected many times. Finally, I was lucky to get hired as an entry-level developer at a consulting company.

I think there are many companies out there that will hire and train entry-level software developers. If this is a passion of yours, you should keep applying and keep trying! Someone will say yes eventually!

In the meantime, write code! seriously, find tech that your passionate about and write code then commit it to github! read this excellent post by
Ali Spittel for resources: and just generally show an aptitude for learning and software development. Someone will notice! I promise you!

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