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re: I think I'm the anti-you. I started at a very low salary, almost immediately they gave me an extra $3/hr to be more competitive, then I got 3%, 14%...

Hi Kayla, that is awesome! and sounds like you have a great employer that values you and really wants you to stick around! That says something about you and you should be proud of that!

That said, not every employer will do that. Businesses always want to keep costs down and salaries are part of that cost.


Thanks! It's a weird dynamic since there are a ton of articles that are like "You need to move companies every 1-2 years so you don't stagnate!" "Early in your career, move around to make your best salary!" but I'm 4ish years in at my first job out of schooling and am quite alright with my salary situation. Plus, my responsibilities have consistently grown, so it's not like I have nothing to show for it either.

It's an odd looking win in a sea of large employers that will certainly take any lowball offer they get. I can't tell if that will hurt my career long term, though, since it's not obvious on the outside that I have kept up with the market.

Good points! I dont think you need to move around to show your skills. You can easily do that with an online portfolio, or bu having a conversation about it during the hiring process.

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