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Discussion on: How did you decide on what you wanted to do?

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Ahmed Musallam

As I read your post, I dont even know how to answer this question...

I think its a balance between what you love to do and what pays the bills. If they happen to be the same thing, then you’ve won the lottery!

I think the biggest thing is trying and failing many times. You’ll never know if you like/dislike something unless you try. We are, as software developers, fortunate to be in an industry that pays a lot better than most other industries and with a lower barrier to entry (Thank you, the internet). As such we have a great landscape of knowledge we can go through to learn something new and keep the fire going.

Personally, when I started, I had no idea what I was going to do. With a bit of time, open-mindedness, and willingness to learn, I found what I like and what I dont like.

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Ikem Krueger

And what did you found?