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Discussion on: Fellow runner devs out there? Would love to know what made you choose running

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Aidan Harding

I got into running when work and family meant my time for exercise was being squeezed pretty hard. It seemed like the cheapest and most time-efficient way to leave the keyboard behind, and get some endorphins going.

It took me a while before I started going to a running club, but that has turned out to be a great thing. They cover all ranges of abilities and they give you the motivation to go out even when you've got no motivation to get out the door. And then, 5 minutes in, all the brain-hurt melts away. Admittedly, that's sometimes just to be replaced by body-hurt, but that's OK :)

So, now, a sport which seemed to be about very little other than putting one foot in front of another, is about friends, nature, my dog, beer, cake, and getting the heck out of the house e.g.

Running in Devon, UK

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