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Discussion on: Million.js - The Future of Virtual DOM

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Aiden Bai Author

Wow, thanks so much for this. Sinuous looks really cool! It looks like a really great hybrid between the Vue composition API (which I think was derived from the concept of observables) and lit-html, and I can see why you would think it's great. I've been looking around for a daily-driver library for a while, and this seems like it is a really good fit!

Side note: I was looking through the readme and I'm not sure if this was an inconsistency or a progression of timeline I missed:

Tagged templates transform the HTML to h calls at runtime w/ the html`` tag or, at build time with sinuous/babel-plugin-htm.

The html`` tag returns a native Node instance and the components are nothing more than simple function calls in the view.

I'll be sure to watch that video. Thanks so much for your time, this has made me realize I still have so much to learn and experience