Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Aishika Midder

I have anxiety issues and this year is taking a huge toll on my mental health. I've started doing yoga and meditation since last week and am giving much importance to my mental and emotional well being than I used to. I also am using notion to organize my stuff more efficiently. I'm proud of my lil steps towards a healthier and happy me! ^-^

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Vitor Paladini

Congrats, Aishika! Lockdown also got me into meditation and yoga and it surely helps a lot.

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Yeah I have a very lot of depression and insomnia, and I know how feels haven't a cool mental health, that destroy you a lot, my error is try to solve my mental problem with alcohol and with that try to change my emotional situation, I have to fight a lot with my mind, lately I skate to try get de-stress and keep my mind busy and focus in another things, it works a lot but don't how I would like, so animus, Never Give Up😉😁👍✌️

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ender minyard

That's wonderful 💌
I'm very happy for you ♥️♥️♥️

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Navdeep Singh

Hi Aishika, This is really a win. I think we all technocrats have this anxiety issue. I am also facing this issue of anxiety these days and it takes a toll on my sleep patterns too. Me too working on it like following:

  • Stick to day working hours,
  • Evening time play with my duo Kidz 30-45 mins,
  • Must have 2hrs difference between dinner & bedtime
  • Breathing exercises 5-10 mins before sleeping (Elom Vilom)
  • Morning time go for 30mins cycling or running (if sleep was good last night :) )

More important "LET IT GO, LET IT GO.......mmmm...." :)