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Discussion on: Devs, make sure your page is searchable!

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Ajeet Yadav

Agree with Patryk. Generate a sitemap and submit to google console periodically. Sitemaps looks like this:

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Igor Irianto Author

Is it a good practice to update sitemap and submit to google every time I add new page?
If not, what's a good frequency?

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Normally, as long as Google knows to index your site and follow links, it shouldn't really be necessary, but it doesn't really hurt. It's just a PITA to do it manually.

You can always submit a sitemapindex to Google, and generate a new sitemap every time you add a page (I presume you mean blog posts). Then Google will pull your sitemap periodically, and should update its index without intervention.

If you can automate the sitemap generation as part of your workflow (e.g. in the save signal on a Post model in Django), that would require basically zero manual intervention.