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Discussion on: How to auto crosspost to Medium and from your personal blog

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Andrei Jiroh Eugenio Halili

Maybe you can make an tutorial to cross-post from an Medium publication into org soon using Zapier?

Also this issue seems to be abandoned regarding adding natice support for RSS feeds from Medium publications:

support for publications / custom domain mapping #88



I'm just wondering if we can have hosted pages/custom domains for us (similar to medium publication and map it to my domain/subdomain). If we can achieve this, will be a single hub for tech posts, I believe.

Definition of Done

Developers can make their own publications page (or even their company's) to host all their tech updates and posts. Eventually, we can map the publication to our own custom domains like when accessing it will serve my own publication page without URL redirection (URL must be my domain name).


suggestions are welcome for improvements.