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Discussion on: It is ⌚time to ditch ReactJS or Angular and use better web standards like web components😍 part 1

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Arun Kumar

I don't think his point was not to create another library/framework. Rather it is to develop the web components API present in the browser and making it rich enough so that no longer there needs to be 223452345 java-script frameworks and another one popping out as we are typing this. Please think selflessly, this is not twitter fight.

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imho the point is not to reinvent the wheel.
what if i would need a widget such as a date picker or a rich data table, for example? should I write it myself? each home made solution may be worst than a proven well engineered one, and its charge for implementation and maintenance could be too much great.
if you need a car, you go to buy a modern one, I imagine. how many models of cars there have been? it's a natural evolution, or isn't it?
so, if you have to develop a new project, you take some modern tool (better if open source).
imho the only solution to the framework changing is to keep the design well separated from the coding, in order to easily reuse the former in the case the implementation would be rewritten to use a new fw.
My proposal is then: spend your time in developing something that may help you to generate the implementation from the design. too daring?