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Alex Sharp 🛠
Alex Sharp 🛠

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☝️Redux dev tools are a thing and they're incredible

Today I discovered -- in the spirit of the fantastic React Dev Tools -- there exists an equally if not more useful Redux Dev Tools.

A few of the things you get:

  • An inspectable timeline of every action dispatched by the store
  • A state diff for each action. e.g. How each action changed the state object
  • A full state inspector
  • A test generator

Wow. Just, wow.

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Gabriele Cimato

Even better you can "save" the current state so that upon refresh your app is back to the state you saved before! Depending on how your hot reload is setup you might not need this, but at times I found it very very useful.

Despite some of the criticism Redux gets, the dev tools are extremely helpful and helped me countless times in debugging any app I worked on with ease.

It just makes it very easy to track the source of the problem, and which action is causing issues.

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Sung M. Kim

I am sensing those bullet points will be your next blog topics? 😉