re: You don't have to delete all of it and all at once. Or even to delete it at all. But it must be documented and based on the legal pretenses listed ...

So finally, poor people cannot start internet startups anymore, it is only Rich people's game !!! That is truly GDPR. Funny thing is, poor person with no intention of stealing/selling personal data has to pay 30 millions in fine in case of some mishaps.. and Billionaire also pays 30 millions easily to steal personal data and get away with it.

Well not exactly. While internet giants are able to hide their data malpractices under undecipherable layers of bullshit, the cost for small companies is not so great. I work with a lot of startups and it's true that implementing GDPR afterwards is painful but if you have it in mind from the ground up that's pretty much invisible.

Also the big difference is that in addition to the fine, big violations become penal. Aka you can go to jail, especially if you're a large-scale CEO. So while fairness could be improved, it's a good step forward in my opinion (as a small company)

I don't believe any large-scale CEO will ever go to jail, Facebook CEO & Google CEO would have been jailed already if that was true, they will get out easily.

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