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Top free resources for new (and forgetful) devs

Kat Tow on January 20, 2020

If you're learning to code, this list is for you! If your brain is full of other important things, this list is also for you! These are some resou... [Read Full]
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Hello Kat Tow! This would be out of context of this post, but I really need some help regarding a frontend animation. If you could please help me with it, it would mean a lot to me.

I am trying to achieve this animation (video-link)

Hi Keshar!

I can't see the link you shared, and honestly animation is not my strongest area! What I would recommend is finding some animations on that are similar to what you're trying to achieve, and then reading through the code - that's what I usually do!

Oh, I am really sorry. link
Please would you take a look?
Also, I will check as you suggested. Thank you


Thanks for linking these resources! I'm definitely going to check them out


Awesome to hear!

(My favorite is the frog game 💚)

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