Discussion on: How do you rate my website?

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Anik Khan

Hi Harsh 😊 Your website shows lots of promises.
But here is my take on this-

  • Your about me section is breaking the rules of UX. Please align those text.
  • Try to use icons when describing your skillset. But don't forget them to keep in good shape :P
  • There is no project section! It seems like you have lots of tools under your belt but you didn't use this to build any.

Again you have a lot of promises as I can see but you have to keep on working. I love that you use your genuine thoughts and design to come up with this project. Thats very brave. Never stop!
I hope this will help you with your design -
Simple design guideline: dev.to/akdeberg/simple-guideline-f...
Develop an eye for design: dev.to/akdeberg/develop-an-eye-for...

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Thank you Anik. I will definitely look into these resources. :)