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Discussion on: Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Full-Time Job.

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Great read, Ankur.

I Would love to add something to working late: never hide it.

I've met people who thought they should be much better and efficient already.
They were thinking, if their boss figures out they are not as good, they'll be disappointed.

As a result of this, they kept putting in the extra hours but never telling anyone.

This escalated to the point when they were doing the work for more than one person for months - without the leaders never noticing they have a real resource shortage.

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Ankur Tyagi Author

Agree Akos,
It Can Affect Your Physical Health As well As Mental Health Could Suffer.
Also We already spend a large portion of our life at our jobs, and working overtime takes even more time away from our personal life.

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Edward Mike

Thanks 😊