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Discussion on: Git - Command line vs GUIs

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I think this idea can be married to the IDE vs non-IDE "debate" very well. Understanding every tool you use at a fundamental level is a high aspiration and something that will make you a very powerful developer. Not understanding the tool (or what the tool helps with) completely, where you cannot function well without it, is not a situation where you should be ashamed or an feel like an impostor developer. Nor should it be dictated that using without understanding it fully is doing anything by "coincidence." That's absurd. Use the tools you can use to get your desired end-product. If you can't get the desired end-product with your tools and current knowledge, then it's time to invest a bit more in your knowledge.

The GUI version of Git abstracts away a lot of finer details that, frankly, most of us don't know, don't care to know, and don't need to know. Not saying that a broader understanding isn't useful, but it's not required. Understanding Git enough to use it at the command-line level is just one of the next steps you can take in expanding your craft. For some, it might not matter as you will never manage your own version control, while others it will be essential.