Interviewing for Frontend Engineering

Akshar Takle on February 24, 2020

Interviewing sucks! The process is time-consuming, drains a lot of our energy and most of the time in return it gives us mental stress. But, yo... [Read Full]
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I'm going to look at this from a different angle, how would you like me to interview you. I am coming up to my first chance to interview soon. What makes a great interviewer?

Anyways love to hear what you think.


Empathy for the candidate


Outstanding engaging and a must read!

I really have been thinking about what if I lost my lucky streak, I am one of those, fall into a job kind of guys perhaps the market is different here. None the less, I have bags of empathy for anyone going through the process as I did last month. It makes my bar high but not higher than me. My technical test was buggy and missing some things. I'm keeping that in mind.

Following you now mwhahaha


Sir, can you tell me from which site you build your resume?

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