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Discussion on: Become a Front-End Developer course review

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akshaytolwani123 • Edited on

Nice article I am getting my educative subscription next month.The pricing may be steep but the courses are really good. I tried their free c++ course and it is awesome.It may not cover everything but I can understand everything very easily.The only problems is one mentioned by RealTouchCandy that we cannot save files to our offfline computers.My problem is that there aren't many courses.There are really good frontend courses but nearly no backend courses though it may be solved in the future once the platform has more instructors. Also it has the same problem as codeacdemy, it does not tell you how to set up a dev encvironment you have to google it. I am creating many courses for educative inlcuding qt and django. There are really less courses about new things like django.