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A powerful Javascript playground for Desktop 🔥

Last year I introduced a Javascript playground feature to my note-taking app Znote. Facing success with the community I decided to improve this feature to offer the best experience as possible to quickly run and test Javascript.

Ten months later, this aspect of Znote continues to change my use of JavaScript in my daily work, because now I am able to create scripts, explore a Dataset, automate tasks directly through the application.


Based on Markdown file, I'm able to run separately Javascript code block as browser or NodeJS code, create embedded functions, install NPM packages... So many possibilities that I had to create a dedicated documentation website to ensure to make users aware of all the possibilities.

The Birth of NotebookJS

To complete my value to the community and because Znote is primarily a note-taking app, I decided to create a dedicated app NotebookJS entirely focused around this Javascript playground.

NotebookJs screenshot

Based on files and organized in tabs, NotebookJS give a unique way to quickly prototype Javascript, visualize data and document your work without forcing you to start complex projects.

I propose this app as complement of Znote to cover the most useful use-cases. I also set a cheap price to definitely buy the application, mainly to support my work and hidden fees behind it.

I'm so happy to provide a valuable software 😊. I would really like constructive feedback, so I will offer during 10 days, a perpetual free license to all users subscribing to the NotebookJS newsletter and wanting give it a try to my app.

You will receive the license on the email you provide on the newsletter form. Moreover, you will also receive later (ONLY) tutorials and tips about this application.

Leave your impression below or start a Github discussion if this requires a new thread.

I'm waiting you here: NotebookJS

I hope you will enjoy this app as much as I did creating it. ❤️

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