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Discussion on: Vue or React?

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Alain D'Ettorre

React is by far the best choice compared to Vue.js and Svelte and any other future framework trying to reinvent the wheel. Also, I believe Svelte has better chances of Vue to survive but still very limited. About React

  • It is the only "cool" framework JavaScript which survived the test of time as it exists from 2013
  • It's the only framework which can suit personal projects, startups and enterprises equally well
  • It's backed by a giant company, which means that even if there's anything lacking or they introduce breaking changes, community and documentation will never be left behind, at least much much less probably than a small framework
  • For the reason above, if any new cool thing comes out (browser features, WASM etc) they'll adapt much quicker
  • Even if a new feature makes React obsolete, there will be a million tutorial online on how to learn the next big thing "coming from React"
  • The immense ecosystem always helps you out

Side note: I prefer to use Angular as I personally think the disadvantages are less than the advantages