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I'm glad we started that conversation, because this is a very nice read :).

Those skills you mention (e.g. print statement debugging) are indeed valuable skills, but I consider them quite separare skills, that may or may not be useful depending on the context (like knowing the ins and outs of a specific language). As such you're only a better developer for having them when the context requires them.

As to being able to change code quickly without an IDE, the only context I can think of that warrants that kind of haste, is when something is wrong in production, and there: with or without an IDE, it's dangerous and should generally not be done. Most cases I've come across where this was needed were in fact because someone had made a (non-critical) change for which they had bypassed the proper CI and/or acceptance flow.


Yeah, it's a rare case, although it sometimes can't be avoided. Still, I don't advocate bypassing the CI!

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