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Between those two choices, I'd definitely go for the second one: the time you save writing less characters will not make up the hours you might lose in bug hunting.

As others have already pointed out though, there are two approaches used here:

  • The guard clause (the if statement) helps separate the concerns within the method, since validation and data retrieval are indeed separate concerns.
  • Extracting intermediate variables can be really helpful when the variable names communicate their (domain) purpose. In the example, that's however not really the case.

I think the important thing to keep in mind is that while the first example is much shorter (in amount of characters), it has exactly the same logic and the second example. That's to say: it's much more dense, meaning that you have to mentally de-compress it when you want to make changes to it. That doesn't help maintainability, and might even slow you (or your colleagues) down in the long run.

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