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Discussion on: Dockerfile good practices [NOTE]

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Alastair Measures • Edited

Hey, Thank you for taking a moment to respond.

Familiarity seems a reason for inertia; when actually in most cases the effort to transition is a modest one off cost. If the Alpine RAM footprint is really half the size (of Ubuntu/ Debian) then the reduction in deployment hosting costs is recurring and therefore significant - especially for small startups.

There is also a relationship between executable size and CPU cache size that influences performance quite markedly.

Concerning security, everyone should always be "all ears" and the picture evolves - just ask OpenBSD about their SSL hick-up. Also given that your links are between 3 and 5 years old, it would be interesting to know how this has evolved.

Currently seeing little reason to switch focus away from Alpine; and if the moment comes, my familiarity with Ubuntu and Debian is still alive on my desktop.

Thanks again for your response.