re: Why does plain Selenium isn’t suddenly good enough anymore? Remember that it is the most used, support can be found everywhere and I can speak of a...

I have used both extensively and the dev experience of Cypress is about one million times better. Very good documentation and modern developer experience where Selenium is the opposite. Most docs for Selenium are in Java and finding the Javascript api's wastes time. I usually had to use Stackoverflow for documentation on Selenium where I always used the official docs for Cypress.


I think this is exactly what I said, build fast, green tests. Try to do some database manipulation in Cypress before running your tests. I found it difficult comparing with nodejs. What happens if you need extensive grouping and need multiple layers of test hooks? Support here is not that great. Try to explain to stakeholders the test coverage, maybe linking the 'it' or the 'describe' functions to requirements as it seems that more often they are written in Gherkin.
Don't get me wrong, Cypress is wonderful for max 6 months projects but if you want to go enterprise and need environment matrix support the I don't see Cypress as a good choice.
I always encourage the use of the right tool for the right job and sometimes Cypress is good, other times Selenium, or paid tools, most of them build upon Selenium.

Have anyone wonder why most of the great paid testing tools are built on Selenium. I don't think it is because Selenium is not good.

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