Discussion on: How do you incentivize developers to review Pull Requests?

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Alessandro Diaferia Author

Thanks for taking the time!
I'm not actually looking for specific advice, I was more interested in knowing how other teams out there are treating PRs and how their day-to-day work affects or is affected by PRs.

I totally agree that small details checks should be automated as much as possible through the use of a Continuous Integration pipeline so that peers can focus on the value that code change is meant to deliver.

BTW, I love the idea of pair-reviewing to lower the barrier to access for junior engineers.

Thanks very much for your feedback!

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Scott Lavigne

Haha, I guess I got a bit carried away in that case, glad I could be of some use regardless.

As for the CI to remove the small detail checking, I was talking even before that. In the actual project's git folder there is the hooks folder that you can use to prevent them from being able to push or commit without those checks running. githooks.com/ has some info on it. CI should for sure happen too(never trust the client, especially if you're the client), but it forces a bit of a long feedback cycle that kind of bites. :(