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Discussion on: Reasons developers avoid CSS

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Alessandra Duruy

"I highlight this imbalance because graphic and media design has a perception as a feminine subject."
Couldn't agree more!

And it's funny because during a long time I've been the only girl on the Devs team, and I've always been good with CSS, but I honestly can't tell how much of my expertise got better because I really enjoy working with CSS and how much was because the team always seemed to assign the design/css tasks to me, the girl of the team lol

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Seth Corker Author

Couldn't agree with you more!

In my experience, there is always a resident CSS expert and everything goes to them. I've been in this situation before but I think the whole team can benefit from trying to get CSS. I've found pair programming is a great way to share CSS knowledge with others and get them more excited about CSS.

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Francesco Esposito • Edited

Unfortunately most developers don’t see value in improving their CSS skills. However it’s not gender related IMO, at least not in the companies I have been working for.