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re: Sounds like a term from management to induce a culture of pressure. Why not "high quality team"?

I would like to find a term that isn't as biased as High Performance, it has a lot of assumptions of what performance means and we should expect of.

It might let into burnouts and long working hours because of the expectation of only delivery.

I am expecting that a team should be resilient to not let them into burnouts, and be able to delivery within working hours for example. If that term is used to put pressure to the team, I totally oppose to that.

"High quality team" is an option, still I think it's up to the team to decide what means quality to them in their given context. But yep, I would prefer to not use "performance", and "quality" seem to be a good candidate 😊

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us ^_^.


There is one thing that also bothers me on any name that describes a team beyond their working context: it implies, that there are teams that are not working high quality or high performance.

Developing quality software should be a process that applies for all teams in the company, embracing an environment for every team to thrive.

Some further reading on this: fastcompany.com/27508/drop-and-cod...

Wow, such a great article. A lot of quotes that ive been repeating for the past... forever, which seems to be impossible to understand for the other side.

I have my own saying from 10+ year career.

If there is only one thing known about the project, its usually the deadline.

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