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Discussion on: Creating a Database Connection As Far As We Obey to OOP

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Aleksi Kauppila

Database appears to be singleton, but it's possible to freely create instances of Database via public constructor.

IconnectionInfo provides getConnection() which returns a PDO object but Database also provides getSelectQueryResult()-method for results.

So it seems there's one responsibility too much. Do you want to provide users with database connections or get them results from the database? (Also, i think you should move the code from the constructor inside getConnection().)

Whichever responsibility you choose, i feel it would be more beneficial to provide a Database interface. This interface could be implemented by classes like PostgreSQLDatabase, MySQLDatabase, SQLiteDatabase etc. These implementations could take connection information as arguments because hard coding them is a bad practice.

Interfaces shouldn't be used as configuration. They should have no direct effect on the implementations internals.