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Discussion on: Algorithms and Data Structures in the 21st century

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Aleksi Kauppila • Edited on

I really like the idea of learning to program like it's the 90's! :)

Personally i've been heavily focusing on OOP bestsellers for a year now. Let's look at a few of them:

1999 Refactoring (Martin Fowler)
2003 Domain Driven Design (Eric Evans)
2004 Working effectively with legacy code (Michael Feathers)
2004 Object thinking (David West)
2009 Clean Code (Robert Martin)

Newest book is nine years old and frankly contains a lot of stuff discovered a earlier in other publications. So even though not the 90's exactly but early 00's. Focusing on general problems builds a more solid foundation than running after that new shiny thing that came out last month. A nice side-effect of course is, that adoption of new technologies is a lot more easier after understanding what issues these techs are trying to address.

Also one more important note. Software development is not all about programming. There's a lot going on in understanding what goes on in client's problem space and modeling together and solving those issues in solution space. This of course seems painfully obvious but making this important distinction has made my life a little easier.