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Hi everyone!

I'm Alex, Python & JS Developer from Russia. I was wondering how to measure my own level of expertise and that's how I found!

I have a few years of experience as a software developer in different companies around the globe. Most of the companies were start-ups or software development wasn't their main business. I've started exploring new job opportunities recently and while updating my resume I was wondering what level of experience should I put for different roles.

In the most cases, I was employed just as a software/web developer, but in the end, I had to deal with the wide range tasks: managing databases and clouds, designing the whole IT systems from scratch, coding everything, etc.

Pretty much in all companies, I was the only developer, therefore I needed to convert employer's ideas to the working code (or whole IT system) from scratch. It even happened in my first job when I was just an intern.

Should I call myself senior developer, if I have just a couple of years of experience? Should I state roles in my resume as 'Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, System Architect' for every company or just official titles?