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I made a (small!) version of something just like this for my final project this semester for PHP! It pulled in the whole PHP documentation and linked to it live as you typed by function, and you could cross-reference by tags and functions/methods. I had started it originally for storing my own snippets and also to track errors as I went, so I could see how I had fixed things before or what errors I kept making over and over. I had hoped to get it working for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript too, and actually have the tables and everything built for them from scraping off of MDN etc., but the JavaScript docs were giving me too much grief.

I love it! And the idea (obviously :))


Nice! So then in your solution you don't curate the answers right?
Because I find myself researching before coming up with an answer to the use cases


Yeah, no curation. My idea longterm was to do an upvote/downvote thing similar to Stack Overflow but never got around to it!

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