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For anything involved, I find myself turning to Jetbrains stuff again and again--I got hooked on PhpStorm and finally downloaded IntelliJ as well to start messing around on a Scala project.

(Full disclosure, I'm a student, and their educational package gives you all of their fully-fledged professional editions, of all the products, for free, sooooo...)

I used to be a diehard Atom fan, but the slowness was getting to me--especially when I can get PhpStorm with a full project going, off the same external hard drive, and it's faster than Atom. :/ For quick stuff that I don't need or want a real IDE for, like JavaScript out of habit, and just want a fast editor--I go for VSC, because it's so fast. But for anything involved or more than just a quick chunk, I end up opening up PhpStorm.

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