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re: I have an idea: a frustration button. I'll sell a big red USB connected button. Press it once/lightly and all your code is marked read-only for 3...

I help out a lot in my classes and am helping in an intro class this semester. I think a few of the students thought I was kidding, but I totally told them that when I get to a Certain Level of frustrated, I zip up the whole thing, email it to a friend and save a copy on Google Drive or wherever. (Also basic versioning stuff.)

Then no matter how pissed or frustrated I get, if I get to the Very Dangerous Spot of "Screw this I'm deleting all of it" (after which, inevitably, ten minutes later you remember the One Thing that would have fixed it) there are copies you literally could not destroy.

...I also got so frustrated at an assignment last semester that I literally wrote a script locking me out of the cloud-based editor we were using, and ended up having so much fun locking myself out that it cured my bad mood until I actually got to office hours to ask the teacher the next day.

Well, I'm glad that I'm not the type of person who deletes all of my work when I get mad, I just abandon it

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