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I honestly don't feel like it's that hard of a question, but I guess it is more divisive than I thought. I feel like for many things, you can opt in or out -- don't want to use Photoshop? Use Gimp! Hate Java? Use only Swift-based stuff! (I am making stuff up here.)

But you really can't do that for the most part with the Internet. There's mostly just one of it, and you use browsers to interact with it. You caaaaaaaaaaaaaaan argue that "people who don't want to use Javascript can just skip the Internet" but that seems a) well, rude, frankly and b) the Internet is pretty solidly filling a real big spot in the world that is not easily replaceable.

Doesn't mean your site has to do a damn thing for them. (I mean, I personally think you probably should, but.) If you don't want people with no Javascript to use your site, that's just fine, then just ... offer them nothing, I guess, or offer them a really shitty user experience?

I just honestly cannot fathom any reason for feeling that users shouldn't be able to disallow it on their own browsers.

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