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re: I feel my article about ads is relevant here. The primary use of JavaScript appears to be invade user's privacy and inject stuff from external plac...

disable third-party JavaScript

I like that idea a lot.


It's not hard to serve the script from your domain instead, just use a reverse proxy. This is not really a solution at all

It makes a difference though. A reverse proxy avoids one of the problems with tracking by third parties. No longer does the Google CDN get knowledge of everybody who accesses your website.

Security is also improved since the domain of origin of this script is the same as the host domain. Combined with limited third domain access it neuters some of the abuse that JS can currently do.

It also serves all the content from one domain, allowing a single HTTP connection to be used. This reduces connection overhead and speeds up the page.

It also forces the content to be handled by the host domain, which then puts a little bit of pressure to not overload the hosting.

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