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I'm not sure what your goals are, but it seems kind of easy? It took me 15 minutes. Given that, I'm assuming I must've missed something. I did actively resist the urge to fix things I disliked in the code, because that wasn't asked, and my assumption jumping into anything existing is to at least first mimic it as written.

For the sake of data-gathering as I think that's your goal in terms of where it is in relation to stuff: I've been programming for almost two years total, working professionally in 100% un-Java-related fields for about four months total. I have no idea what Spring is, but it was really very clear-cut. I'm still working out how to run it, but IntelliJ at least confirms build success. I've taken two semesters of Java at a local community college, but I'm super rusty because my last course in it was a few months ago at this point.

If you really do want the repo, here: github.com/aleph-naught2tog/poorex...


Okay, I'm kinda jumping the gun here in terms of revealing part of the purpose of the test, but one of the first aspects is to see if the applicant will resolve poor coding issues in addition to simply following the specification. The intent was to identify confident coders who will fix code quality issues proactively rather than simply follow the minimal work to complete a user story. The name of the project is 'poorexample' for a reason; it exhibits several common poor coding techniques. The instructions said applicants have a day, which is way more than any coder needs to complete the task as you correctly identified. The reason was so they would not feel overtly time constrained.

In relation to running it there is a BootStrap class which has a main method that can be run directly in the IDE.

What I recommend is taking another look to identify all the aspects you think are an issue and how you would fix them. Perhaps make the modifications to your repo and add comments to the code, or as a separate file. On Saturday I will be posting my solution.

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