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Discussion on: Using and Abusing Netlify's Free Tier

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Alexa Steinbrück

Hi Martin,
I am currently wondering if the Netlify Free Tier is the right choice for real-world client projects. In the ToS of Netlify it is written:

"Netlify reserves the right to change the terms and conditions applicable to the Free Usage Tier, or to discontinue it. While we always make an effort to communicate clearly and well in advance if we decide a particular website project is not a good fit for our Free Usage Tier, we reserve the right to disable or remove any website project on Netlify’s Free Usage Tier without notice at our sole discretion."

Is that a concern to you?

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Martin Capodici Author

Given that, maybe for client projects, where you are being paid, it is safer to use AWS S3 or similar, or to go with a paid Netlify tier.