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Discussion on: Have you used Netlify for real client projects?

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Alexa Steinbrück Author

I checked out DatoCMS and I'm already a fan :-D So simple and intuitive for both devs + clients (that's not easy to achieve I guess)!

I found a sample project for Gatsby + DatoCMS + Netlify that establishes the hooks automatically.

Checking out the free plan of DatoCMS: 200MB file storage is not that much though. Especially for image-heavy websites and if you want to store the raw files and do further processing with gatsby-image...

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Mateusz Iwaniuk

Yeah, that's true. If you want to build a big portal, dato has limited memory. It also allows you to use only 20 models (or something like that). But for really normal pages, like 4-page portfolio, dato works perfect :D