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Discussion on: A Developers Guide to Getting Fit

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Alexandro Martinez

Are you sure not eating before 1pm is healthy?

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Eric Bishard Author • Edited on

Yes, I studied intermittent fasting for about a year before trying. I would tell anyone that it takes getting used to. But there is no studies I can find that show in any way that it is unhealthy, in fact quite opposite. I have heard negative things about Keto and all Meat diets. If anything doing intermittent fasting, it has guided me into a better diet and I have more energy, etc.. It forced me to understand the delicate balance of what's going into my body and how I can change due to those inputs. I'm a much healthier eater, I eat less meat than before and any meat I eat typically goes down with some type of greens now. As with any regimen, when you start losing that much weight and start feeling good about it. You change your diet along the way to help accelerate the process.