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re: Well, going for serverless if you have a simple business site to do, with no DB, no processing, means you will inevitably overcomplicate a simple w...

Yeah I know what you mean I wouldn't go serverless unless you actual need server side code. Would use static site generators if I see a use for them (ex build from markup files) or simple HTML files.

Yeah, and as someone with serverless experience (both native aws click through console, SAM, Serverless framework) i know it can be a timehole where suddenly you spend 75% setting up and maintaining serverless instead of focusing on the core of what you want to achivee.

I would personally treat serverless as cost & performance optimization (after MVP is done and works). For those who are not fluent with serverless tech, and only recommend going serverless from the start for advanced users who did it at least couple of times.

Im a big advocate of serverless, just not for novices and not when there is a deadline on their head - this probably wont end well for most :)

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