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re: Great article! Easy to follow and fun to read. One suggestion: You only mentioned advantages of React Native. What are the disadvantages?

I’m glad you liked it!

Hmm… Some disadvantages that are coming to my mind right now are, for example, the native modules.
They are a great plus and definitely an advantage too, but if you want to develop a native module you still need some native code knowledge to work on both Android and iOS platforms - Objective-C/Swift and Java. Also, if you have some issues with a native module package, you may still have to dig into the native code of the app.

Another disadvantage that I encountered is some compatibility issues between the 2 platforms and some memory management issues due to that Javascript Bridge that I mentioned in the article. Don't get me wrong, an app built in React Native can work and perform like a fully native app but you need to have the knowledge on how to properly build apps in React Native and how React and React Native works in order to have a high performance app.

But in my opinion, there are plenty more advantages that disadvantages of using React Native and you should definitely give it a try! :)


Thank you for the information!

I am using React Native and React for the job that I am currently working at. It is been a great journey so far but I know that I still have so much to learn. I am feeling a little bit insecure about how React Native works at the background so do you have any kind of recommendation about that topic?

You're welcome!

To get rid of this insecurity, just practice, practice and practice :D! To gather knowledge of how it works, my advice is to read "best practices / how to" articles, watch tutorials, follow good writers, search encountered issues in your projects and talk with the community. With time, I'm sure you'll gain more confidence in your code.

Again, thank you for the information!

I will definitely look into it.


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