How do you manage your time for multiple projects?

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Currently I have two jobs, one is a part time as a NodeJS backend, and another full time as a frontend developer, the first one is light enough so I don't burst into flames on busy days.

The question is, sometimes I really feel overwhelmed by tasks I know I will do, for both jobs. It's like this feeling of running out of time that really makes me feel anxious to the point I need to stop, take a really long break and actually lose a lot of time. I know we need this breaks to clear our minds and keep going, but what I find strange (at least from personal experience) is the anxious state of i'm really running out of time, I won't make it.

For me this is stopping me from doing other things in my young career little Dev Bucket List (i.e take the time to learn/read new things, help an open source project and with this make a little bit of change to the community)


How do you guys manage this situations?

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