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Discussion on: The New Way of the Developer?

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Alex Gwartney

So one I feel like honestly, college is the biggest waste of money and time to learn how to program. At least if you are not going to like MIT or Harvard sort of thing. Which I assume half of us arent. I for instance went to phoenix online, got my associates in info tech. But studied computer programming. What I thought was sad is college focuses heavily on java. less on the web, and even when I did take the classes on both, they really only teach a basic surface level. Im more self-taught than anything, which helped in class. As I was always 9 levels above what the class was even beginning to cover.
So I would say boot camp self-taught are the better ways to go.

Now for this question: Is a JavaScript developer coming from a Bootcamp worse than a Java Developer shifting towards JavaScript? I would say neither are worse. They both have the same ability as each language is different. I would say as someone who did this aka came from java to javascript. That I had a much better understanding of OOP principles. And how to utilize the old ways of prototypes before es6 came around and introduce the class syntax. So for me this was like oh good something I can just start using. Instead of just going oh crap what is this.

I would also say to that whether you come from a self-taught route or a boot camp or college. For the most part everyone has a similar mindset. I think however that people coming out of a Harvard mit degree, are going to be looking for more FANG-style companies. Rather than self-taught boot camp grads that are just looking to get the foot in the door and prove them selfs. As we don't get the option to do 40 internships at google ect.