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Discussion on: Should you Fire a Coworker for Making an Honest Mistake?

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Alex Gwartney

I feel like if a company is going to fire someone over a mistake someone makes every time someone does it. Then it's definitely not a company to work for. Because let's face it no one is perfect and at some point, I don't care how experienced you are as a developer and or what career you're in your going to screw up. It's just a matter of when and how you can prevent your self from limiting the number of times you do mess up. I also will agree to a point that sometimes that mistakes may happen due to a flawed process in a company. And in that case, it should be looked into and addressed.

I also think at the same time if the person that makes the mistake as long as they realize they did it and they own up to it right away. And they are willing to listen and they give some sort of correction in the future as to what they can do better to try and prevent that specific thing from happening again.

Then I feel that should be the end of it. Also at the same time if they keep doing the same thing and they are actually trying to change there process maybe then they need further training and then at that point decide if it is not working out. I also would say it highly depends on the company you work for and how they handle things whether or not they will handle things rationally.

Now lastly I will say the one time it would be appropriate to probably just terminate someone is if they just personally are just making mistakes but are not really caring about what they did and or trying to improve them selfs. As it will in the long run just end up causing more issues.

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Jakob Christensen Author

I think you are spot on. If the employee is otherwise careful and has the right attitude, you should not terminate them.