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Motivation vs Self Discipline

So I wanted to talk about self discipline vs motivation and why one will always win. And the other will lead you to fail. The other night I was talking with a friend. And we were discussing how self discipline is how we have been able to keep going with our paths. And how while motivation is a good tool for picking your self up at times. Its not something that you want to use to keep your self on track.

The reason for this as I used as a example in my conversation. Is motivation is like a energy drink. Where you will get a burst of energy and eventually its going to where off. And your going to be right back to where you started. Meaning lets say your goal is to get x project done and your super excited about it. You start working on it ect. You get a whole lot done a few days pass. And eventually your going to start to realize this is work. And that motivation is going to start burning off. And eventually your project is going to end up on the back burner and eventually just go away all together.

But if you rely on self discipline meaning you get up you make sure you sit down and get x amount of tasks done such as writing this post you will be able to sustain a specific pace. And you will be able to keep on track to see things through. As you will not be relying on a initial motivation and more of a set schedule to get something done. This over all is how I have managed to continue to learn math and code for the past 7 months strait with out just saying oh this is just to much work. And giving up ect as the motivation factor has wore off several times. I do keep this in mind but over all making a set schedule to do things has made me keep on track. And I know in the end that it will be well worth the amount of work that has gone into it.

And that is it for this week. I just wanted to post this as I felt it was a good topic. That we found interesting and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you all have a good week!. And as usual thank you for reading.

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Johannes Zillmann

Well, that feels alright with me! But at the core, doesn't there need to be some motivation in the first place to start the self-discipline on top of it ? Or how you define your goals or get clarity on it to apply your self discipline on it ? I'm just struggling a bit with the clarity about which goals are worth going after it... independent from the method...

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Alex Gwartney

So yea you want to use the motivation to give you the idea to get started. And I would also use this as a way to choose what you think is going to be worth pursuing. Aka what are you most excited about to start with. I would say past that this is where the self discipline is going to come in to keep you on track. I would also say that even though if your following the self discipline and your still just dont feel happy with what your accomplishing it dont do it. Try something new and keep doing it until you find something that sticks.

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Jason V. Castellano

To be able to get success, you need to do things without motivation.